Right Person Right Place Edward Tufte appointed by President Obama

There are lots of things in this world I don’t understand. Even more that I think I know a little somethin about, but really don’t. These two principals are what lead me to like the idea of having a president. I like to vote for people, who will handle things like nuclear power for me. I still need to figure out how to judge what a person will do in the areas I don’t know, by looking at what they do, do in places that I do no something about.

I like the current President, and the reason I think he is doing a good job is based on the idea that he has policies about areas that I know a lot about, or I actually know something about. First was his getting the FCC to push hard on bandwidth, and then net neutrality. But the latest, was his appointment of Edward Tufte to help track and explain the stimulus funds. He is really getting the best people to come and help him do his job.

From ET:
I will be serving on the Recovery Independent Advisory Panel. This Panel advises The Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board, whose job is to track and explain $787 billion in recovery stimulus funds:

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