Updated My DrupalConSF session description.


Social media is not always socializing on the web. It can also be about the viral spread of information between people. For well over a decade the internet has been providing a new means for communicating. For well over a decade I have been slowly learning how to grok that flow of information. Come to the sessions, and I will show you my methods for filtering the stream to get the information you want. Specifically I will talk about how to get information about Drupal, and how to pickup on interesting discussions happening in the community.

Topics of Discussion

A Specific Scenario Will Be Analyzed

In the last few months, I have been lucky enough to find some really awesome Drupal gigs. One has given me a chance to work with Jay Rosen, from NYU, on an idea of his to help news orgs find the best questions. I was also able to turn this into a grant proposal that I entered into the Knight News Challenge. We made it through the first round. Finally, it resulted in me becoming a co-maintainer of the installation profile that ExplainThis.org is based on. All of these were opportunities that I found through social media, or pursued through social media.

Supporting Materials

As the conferences gets closer, I will be posting supporting materials, like slides, links to sites mentioned in my talk. I also really want to engage the audience. I am planning on using twitter as a backchannel. If you want to ask me a question anytime before, during, or after the conference on twitter just use the hashtag, #DCSF10AK.

About the Presentor

Besides playing around with Drupal, I also dabble with Django, and other open source projects. I currently work at Yahoo! as Front-end engineer. At yahoo I do a lot of work with PHP, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML. And, as you may have guessed, I am an avid consumer of the social web, as well as curator/producer. I do my curate/production thing at my website http://alexkessinger.net.

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