We Need More Heros, I Will Be Writing About Mine

Hero’s aren’t talked about much. People are influences, we look up to people, we think people are cool, but it’s a bit gushy to call someone a hero. I want to use the power of that term. The same feeling that makes me uncomfortable about calling a person my hero, is the same part makes it powerful.

I am writing more, and I am fueling my engine, which isn’t easy with a young family, and full-time job, but I don’t want to make excuses either, I just need to trick my self into writing more, so I give my self assignments like this, and just like when you get a band together it helps to talk about “influences,” well I have heard that’s something you can do; when starting to writing a blog it might be helpful to talk about ones hero’s.

Yea, so I could try to give and exhaustive list of terms that describe me here, and the explain why I think I have a diverse set of hero’s, but it was a bit pretentious, so instead I will just write the damn posts, and you can decide if they are diverse.

A note to the side, while I frame hero’s as people, mostly, There is a broader definition that includes ideas, and movements. While often there are people in these movements, and I like those people for their ideas about a movement, I may not always agree with everything they have to say, other than the piece that I find inspiring. People will have many ideas in their life, and are defined by a few, but we may never truly know another person, and I won’t be held accountable for everything that person has ever said.

First Hero up is Marshall McLuhan