HBO's 'Make It'; too short; but left a big impression

HBO’s ‘How To Make It In America’, has just finished its first short, too short, season. I haven’t seen a show that excited me so much in a long time. It feel’s fresh. Its building new stereotypes; characters feel brand new, or scintillating interpretations on classic roles.

One thing that made me ROFL on the inside was the double entendre in the name. The show is about young people trying too make it, professionally, life wise, but, the show has a strong DIY, building, making thrust as well. They use “make it” to mean , being successful in life, and successful in a craft.

That undercurrent of DIY is everywhere. From Rene, the latino kingpin, but is he really a kingpin, to the new boyfriend building a hotel. The lives they lead are enviable, and bigger then life, but on such a modest scale, you can almost imagine your self doing what they do. Its the true genius of this show.

In comparison to HBO’s other young-people-romp-around-a-city genre, Entourage, these people feel much more accessible. While the excess of Entourage is fun to watch, and Entourage even stumbles into profound territory every once in a while, “Make It”, feels like it was built on an emotional core to begin with.