Two Kids, In Two Years: Best Time Management Strategy Ever

In the last week I have heard two co-workers exclaim lack of energy when they get home, and therefore can’t find the time to work on extracurricular activities. When I hear this, I go-off a little, I know its unfair, and I shouldn’t care what other people do, but I have two kids at home, and I still find the time to make things.

I am slowly forgetting what my life was like before I had kids, not so much the things I did, but more like what my daily routine was, but I am pretty sure I felt the same way. When I got home I wanted to relax, I knew that I had time later to do what I wanted. Later never came though.

I fixed the energy/time problem though, I had two kids in two years. Sounds like a paradox, I know, but I realized that I don’t need to work harder, well maybe a little, but I should be working smarter. You are going to have a lot of time taken from you. For a long time, this was incredibly frustrating, but it prepared me for working. Whenever I could I spent time thinking and making notes. Then when I could sit down and do some work, I had plan. Another aspect that always helped, is that I was never able to get the list done. Which meant always knew what I was going to start on next.

Now, its fair to say that I may not be making great things, but I feel better about what I am making, and I am happy with my throughput, I know that I can get better slowly overtime.

Maybe you don’t need to have kids, but you do need to find some kind of full filling activity, outside of start ups. It will help you focus when you aren’t doing that activity.