Working for a startup has more layers then I ever imagined

Today, an interesting app was released. I recently started working for another company with it’s own interesting camera app. Some would say the two apps are in the same space.

It would be easy to launch into a diatribe about why the company I work for is awesome, and how our product is better, but that’s all it would be: a diatribe. Details will be dealt with over time, but what suprized me was how visceral a reaction I had personally.

Working at Yahoo, lot’s of things made me happy the people, and learning to work at a large scale, but never once did I enjoy the product. Never once did I feel like I needed to protect anything. I don’t know what it is about my situation that make me feel so visceral, but I like it.

Right now I want to make great stuff. It would be a mistake to say, oh were going to do better then blah blah, because we build blah blah. Instead I am going to focus on doing a great job at what I build, and in working with our team there isn’t any reason we can’t be successful.