For the uninitated IRC is awesome

I haven’t touched my IM client in a month, and I am loving it. At work we use IRC to keep a running discussion. I was skeptical at first. I wouldn’t be able to get growl notification, and I was going to use irssi, an in terminal IRC client.

On all counts IRC is better. Growl notifications just aren’t needed. As I program there are natural pausing moments. I just pull up the terminal, and see if there is everything new.

irssi is like a an ikea URBAN chair, if you haven’t had the pleasure of these chairs go to an ikea near you. The chair is a champ. It’s injection molded plastic which makes it both easy to clean, and durable. There are no screws to get loose, and there is no paint to scratch off. They just sit around my dinning room table, and work, they do there job. irssi, in combination with screen just work. I ssh’ed into a server the day I started, created a screen running irssi, and it has run since then. I can disconnect, and reconnect whenever. This allows me the capture the entire conversation even when I am not there. This is something that desktop client like colloquy can’t do.