Declaring Instapaper Bankrupcy

I have way to many articles sitting in my too blog folder of instapaper. I am coping out and will just be posting large chunks of the list over the next few days. This is almost a year’s worth of reading. As I can remember, I will try to say why I thought it was worth blogging about.

Platforms as Tables, Tables as Platforms I am not entirely sure who Frank Chimero is, or even what he does, but when ever this dude sits down to write something I will stop, and read it. He just always has something useful to say.

CommonJS effort sets JavaScript on path for world domination This has been a big year for JavaScript. New, fast engines have tested their legs. Libraries have matured. With the ECMAScript 5 draft proposal, the language is growing. However, the language remains largely in exile, to only be used in Web browsers. This year has marked a resurgence of efforts to make JavaScript useful outside the browser.

Drupal or Django? A Guide for Decision Makers — scot hacker’s foobar blog - There’s a large body of technical information out there about content management systems and frameworks, but not much written specifically for decision-makers. Programmers will always have preferences, but it’s the product managers and supervisors of the world who often make the final decision about what platform on which to deploy a sophisticated site.

Inkling Prediction Market Solutions: News + Musings: 5 Whys Didn’t realize someone (Toyota) codified a technique like this. Inkling is a huge fan of spending the extra steps in root cause analysis of a problem. It’s hard to argue when you wouldn’t want to at least figure out what the root cause of a problem is, even if you decide to just treat a symptom.