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Continuing with my instapaper bankruptcy.

Talking with Eric Frank and Jon Williams about Flat World Knowledge, a commercial publisher of open textbooks « Jon Udell — My guests for this week’s Innovators show are the co-founder (Eric Frank) and CTO (Jon Williams) of Flat World Knowledge, a new textbook publishing company with a refreshingly disruptive business model. Like any other textbook publishing company, Flat World is building up a stable of authors with whom it has exclusive (or, in this case, semi-exclusive) relationships.

The new oral tradition « Jon Udell — Nowadays when people ask if I’ve read a book and I start to answer yes, I have to stop and think. Did I actually read the book? Or did I only hear the author discuss the book on a podcast?

Getting unicode right in Python - Nick’s Blog — Yup, I’m back from holidays! Apologies to everyone for the delayed return - it’s taking me a long while to catch up on everything that built up while I was away.

Social Journalism: Curate the Real-Time Web — I really want to know more about the publish2 platform, but you can’t really get in there unless you are a journalist. I think these guys are creating a lot of awesome tools, but its like feeling someone’s face in the dark.