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Why I Don’t Use Flipboard, but My Dad Does — The Brooks Review — Matthew Ingram on GigaOm had this to say about Flipboard: But I wonder whether the flip-style interface for the app isn’t inherently contradictory to using it as a business or work tool - since it seems more like browsing as you flip through pages, does that make less appealing as a serious content consumption or information-intake tool?

Malcolm Gladwell Is #Wrong: Change Observer: Design Observer — Malcolm Gladwell’s take on social media is like a nun’s likely review of the Kama Sutra — self-righteous and misguided by virtue of voluntary self-exclusion from the subject. But while the nun’s stance reflects adherence to a moral code, Gladwell’s merely discloses a stubborn opinion based on little more than a bystander’s observations.

Curveship: Interactive Fiction + Interactive Narrating — Curveship is an interactive fiction system that provides a world model (of characters, objects, locations, and things that happen) while also modeling the narrative discourse, so that the narration and description of the simulated world can change.

A Smallcore Manifesto: Help Us Build a Better Teddy Bear | Development Seed — The largest underground “movement” in the Drupal community is the desire for a shift in goals, which has been labeled Smallcore. This movement has been rapidly growing among Drupal developers, who instinctively understand the need for and advantages of such an approach, but up until to now there has not been any concrete and constructive communication to the rest of the world about why we feel this approach has merit.