Blog critique, where is it?

You know critique is a major part of any medium. Twitter is getting some meta critique love, but I can’t think of any awesome blog critique. I know things that I love, and I can start to break them down, but I am nowhere near as good as one would need to be to breakdown great writing, let along blog writing. The reason I started thinking about this was a tweet.!/alexismadrigal/status/77076329362763777 If you love longreads, a curated stream of awesome articles on the web, and want to get better at writing your self there doesn’t seem to be a watering hole for those people. So, not sure how to rectify this, but I am going to start paying attention to some of the tweeters that responded to the call. - apantazi suggested gangrey which looks awesome. - New follow: nxthompson - New follow: eugenephoto - New follow: dylan20