More Posts: Database, Reading, Pageviews, and Firehose's

The Next Big Thingd? Thingd (Thing Daemon) is building a structured database of every object in the world and then mapping those objects (and associated metadata) to people and to other objects. The concept is still in its early stages of being realized, but it is a big ambitious idea and one worth thinking more about.

The Read & Trust Story In January I launched a little side project of mine called Read & Trust. If you’re reading this on my site (as opposed to Instapaper or RSS), you might have noticed the badge off to the right and wondered what the story was. And I’m happy to oblige.

Getting beyond just pageviews:’s seven-part equation for measuring online engagement As web analytics reports become a mainstay of news meetings, there’s a lot of nervousness about how attention to clicks will affect news coverage, and about the perceived incentives to produce high-trafficking junk news.

Haystack Blog » FeedMe: Understanding and Supporting Social Link Sharing on the Web Which approach do you take to managing information overload on the web? Do you unleash the firehose on yourself, subscribing to RSS feeds or relying on content aggregators to keep up with the news? Or do you take small sips from the stream of content, regularly checking a small set of websites to look for updates?