Work Better, Reporting On, Grids, and an Awesome Short Story; Some bits.

To Work Better, Try Working Less It was 4 p.m. on a recent Friday-a time of the week when I usually relax and leave the rest of my to-do list to finish over the weekend. But as this recent weekend approached, I kept pushing myself, heart pumping, to get to the bottom of my list of planned tasks for the week. The ReportingOn Blog In 2008, I was awarded a Knight News Challenge grant to build ReportingOn, a backchannel for beat reporters to share ideas, information, and sources. The goal of the project was to provide journalists of all stripes with a place to talk about content, not craft, or process, or skillset. Slammer - Designer’s Geometry Box Slammer overlays any grid you want, anywhere you want. Typographic Grids, Golden Sections, Fibonacci series or Rule of Thirds. Slammer also has Rulers, Crosshairs, Magnifier, Measurements & Screenshots. Mr. Penumbra’s Twenty-Four-Hour Book Store > Robin Sloan Thanks to Mor­BCN for the CC-licensed source image. This story is also avail­able on the Kin­dle! And if you like it, you should also check out my novella Annabel Scheme. IT’S 2:02 A.M. ON A COLD SUMMER NIGHT. I’m sit­ting in a book store next to a strip club.