Does Journalism need its own silicon valley?

Here is the problem investigative journalism is having trouble finding investment. When you look at investigative journalism it can be hard from an economic perspective to defend, but it’s very necessary to running a useful fourth estate. So, how do you fund investigation journalists with out also running a charity. What I find interesting about this question is that I work in an industry that has dealt with this exact issue. I build websites for a living, and I work for a startup. Basically my bosses had an idea, a good one I think, and they wanted to build it. Because they live in Silicon Valley, and because we have apparatuses here like Angel investors, and VC firms they were able to get an investment on nothing more than the speculation that they would build a successful company. I am not an investigative journalist, but I imagine their situation to be similar. Except in one key area, they don’t have a Silicon Valley. There are probably some technological tools that could help push a market like this along, but mostly it’s a human solution. Maybe the news co’s should outsource finding good investigative journalism to a system like Silicon Valley.