What are people saying about Google Reader?

  • It's sad how much Google Reader dominates the feed-reader market and how little Google seems to care about it.
  • The head liner for all stories was the original blog post. This kicked off the entire cycle.
  • googlereader.blogspot.com
    Posted by Alan Green, Software Engineer In the next week, we’ll be making some highly requested changes to Google Reader. First, we’re going to introduce a brand new design ( like many of Google’s other products ) that we hope you love.
  • There are two key statments here.

    "we"re going to introduce a brand new design (like many of Google"s other products) that we hope you love. Second, we"re going to bring Reader and Google+ closer together, so you can share the best of your feeds with just the right circles."

    The changes won't be big, but this move is clearly meant to prop up google+.

    "We think the end result is better than what's available today, and you can sign up for Google+ right now to start prepping Reader-specific circles. We recognize, however, that some of you may feel like the product is no longer for you."

    Now, I have never felt that free internet products owe anything to anyone. They should feel free to change the service when ever it suits them, but another thing that I have seen quite often is people complaining about the changes. 

  • Stop Google from killing Google Reader, one of its best most under appreciated products. #OccupyReader
  • I think the Google Reader team is clearly saying if you don't like it leave. So, I don't think complaining at all is going to help anything. There is a burgeoning #OccupyReader movement going on, but I don't think it will help.

  • Iranian activist: "This will be a HUGE blow to free flow of information inside Iran." #OccupyReader
  • So long as I never refresh this tab, Google can't take Google Reader away from me! #OccupyReader
  • My whole Twitter feed is awash with #OccupyReader anger. Is listening even a teensy bit?
  • While there were lots of plain jane comments either liking, or disliking Google Reader I found more then a couple mini-love notes to Google Redaer. As a die hard fan of google reader my self these were fun.

  • techcrunch.com
    Today Google announced its long-ignored RSS app Google Reader is getting an update. Most notably, it's getting a fresh new design along the same lines as Google's other products, like Docs, Maps, Search and Gmail. While I'm not entirely thrilled about this change (I prefer the utilitarian look for the service), I understand Google's need to maintain user interface consistency across its online products.
  • "Although there are many other services out there that promise to bubble up relevant content based on my interests, the best product I"ve used to date was the human curation of my Google Reader friends. Not only did my group consistently share the top tech news I"d want to read, they also share those oddball but interesting stories from outside of tech, including humorous cartoons, popular videos, space and science news, parenting tips and other news completely unrelated to tech, but still compelling."
  • forbes.com
    I wrote a pretty sober piece about the death or near-death of Google Reader yesterday, but after reading Sarah Perez and Austin Frakt and after thinking about just how much I use Google Reader every day, I'm beginning to revise my initial forecast. Stay calm is quickly shifting toward full-bore [...]
  • "For one thing, Reader is only sort of a social network. In many senses it"s an anti-social network. Not in the sense that people in Reader are anti-social so much as the point is to harbor a small enclave of carefully selected people and create a safe-haven of sorts where that "carefully constructed human curated" list of shares and insights can flourish. In Reader, you don"t go after as many friends as possible. You certainly don"t see anyone from high school. Nobody shares photos of their kids. The discussions that do blossom are almost always very smart and focused. It"s the internet if the world were a more prefect place."
  • readwriteweb.com
    Why did Google Plus gain more users in a few weeks than Google Reader has in years? That's a question for the ages - but it's clear that Google's strategy of infusing Google Plus functionality into all things will sometimes come at a cost.
  • "It is like a magic spell that calls together knowledge from the winds of the Internet into a swirling, dancing chimera that sits in your hand and shares with you the whispers of more people than you'll ever meet in your life - on demand at any time. RSS readers are instruments of magic. When you use them you become a magician. May they proliferate across the land."
  • And lots more places to find discussion.

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    208 shares - AbdelilaH El Khoudri, Abraham Williams, Adam MacDonald, Alejandro González Montpetit, Aleksandr Sidorenko, Alessandro Anghelone, Alex Meleg, Alexandre Poux, Alicson K, Amartya Khan, Amy Carlson, Ana Ulin, Andrew Grudtsin, Andy C, Angel Buendia, Anna Rolníková, Banz ai, Benoit Héroux, Benoît Huron, Bill Kinney, Brandon V.
  • news.ycombinator.com
    (I do concur that Circles allow this partitioning to be modeled much more accurately than most other social networking systems, but the partitioning before was entirely organic and natural, not constructed.
  • skepticgeek.com
    Google has announced that Google Reader will finally get a much-needed revamp. It will now be integrated with Google Plus, and its native isolated social network will be abandoned. See Techmeme for responses from the tech blogger community. The response from Google enthusiasts has been largely positive, as you can see in this Google Plus thread.
  • forbes.com
    It was only a matter of time. When Google announced last week that it was killing off Google Buzz, those of us who use Google Reader began to get nervous. Would Google kill off Reader as well? Would we Google Reader fanatics be forced to use some other less interesting [...]