Goliath is to Twitter as David is to what?

Sorry for the biblical reference, I just got back from Italy, and have seen a lot of renditions of this story. It does feel somehow apt for the recent news from Twitter. I agree with most people that Twitter has made a number of misteps, but its not on it’s last legs. It’s vulnerable like Goliath is vunerable, meaning the luckiest of shots will have to be made if people want to take Twitter down.

Doesn’t it all just look like people are talking about RSS. What about something like Status.net. It doesn’t feel like we need to stretch to far to find a replacement for twitter.

For some background, you should take a look at some of the recent blog posts from Brent Simmons (here, here, and here). Also I thought this was a great post by Dalton Caldwell (to be transparent he is my boss).