Damn if feels good to be a gangsta

In my life I have never been able to underestimate the power of luck. I am lucky that I was born at this time in history. Computers created the world in which I trive. Any other time in history, I just don’t know.

I am lucky that I love to write code. I don’t have the same ability as others to understand some of the harder concepts in programming, but I have made up for that in time spent on the hard problems. If I didn’t love programming I wouldn’t have spent the time it took me to get over the hurdle.

For the past couple years I have been really interested in feeds. This interest usually manifests its self in talking about Google Reader or RSS, but really it’s just the feed that I am talking about.

Well something amazing happened to me, I go lucky again. My boss, Dalton Caldwell, CEO of App.net has been writing some barn burner posts about twitter, and his last one touched a nerve.

So, today we are announcing a fix for the common twitter: An Audacious Proposal

We think that if we can get enough backers that we can create a better social network. If you want to back us, go here

I am incredibly stoked to be working on a problem that is so close to my own personal interests, and something that I have been thinking about for a long time.