What I'm Reading

When I stopped to sift through the many blogs I read I was struck by one common theme; I love blogs that let me peek into other professions at the elite level. Something about learning from other people who are performing at their peak is inspiring.

Another aspect of the feeds I read is that many aren’t “written”. Some of my favorite feeds just expose some of the best content in certain communities.

Basically, if I often stop to read a feed, the feed makes me laugh, or it just makes me exclaim WTF, I like it.

Stellar Interesting’s faves

Kottke’s side project stellar trys to aggregate stars/likes/hearts. The interesting feed surfaces the faves of all the things.

Metafilter is a stalwart from the early web 2.0 days. It’s built an awesome community. Unfortunately I don’t take part in it, but I do use RSS to tap into the great discussions.

One Thing Well

Simple software covered simply.

Open Culture

Like it says on the the tin, the best free cultural & educational media on the web. Always finding old bits of interviews from amazing people.

Edward Tufte Forum

this is a forum where people talk about visualization. It’s slightly arcane. Sometimes they ask Edward Tufte questions; sometimes he answers. I subscribe to the feed because every once in a while the answer is amazing. Like this one on figuring out what theoretical theory to use when designing analytical displays.


Top posts on App.net. Picked by the finest algorithms. My side project.

The Changelog

Covers new and interesting open source projects.

News & Journalism

Muni Diaries

Blogs offer the opportunity to connect people to hyperlocal beat reporters. I haven’t seen a ton of this that is done well, yet, but Muni Diaries is my favorite example of hyperlocal reporting.

Nieman Journalism Lab

Great coverage of new ideas in journalism which necessarily moves into blog/online publishing territory.


Always great coverage of ideas in journalism.

The Feature

Mining the best stuff saved to Instapaper.

Officials Say the Darndest Things

Give a politician a microphone for long enough and eventually they are going to say something that we can all laugh about.

Daniel Bachhuber

Interesting hacker/journo who works for Automattic (the company behind Wordpress).


Good slice of the news blog.

Quotations from The Browser

Topcial quotations.

Old Stalwarts - but still good


Quirky off the beaten path readings. They self describe as “it’s a long-running conversation about media, journalism, technology, cities, culture, design, books, music, movies, the future and the past”

Marginal Revolution

“Small steps toward a much better world.” — Economics? Weird ideas? Awesome links for sure.

O’Reilly Radar

All these years still has good stuff. Especially ‘Four Short Links’ a daily list by Nat.


yep, still good.


Baio chose to put the creator of Community in the keynote position of his conference. I would read his blog for the reason alone, but there are many more.

kung fu grippe

While you wait for another 43 Folders blog post this is his other jam.

Art & Design

The New Aesthetic

The world is changing because of digital technology. This blog tracks some of the aesthetic effects digital has on the real world.

Art F City

I like reading about the art market this blog feeds that.

Wooster Collective

Street art coverage.

Siiimple is a collection of the best minimalist css designs on the whole internet machine. Don’t believe me, have a look for yourself…

Jeffrey Zeldman Presents The Daily Report

Zeldman has a huge effect on CSS, HTML, and Design. Through his blog, and his conferences.

Jorge Quinteros

I don’t subscribe to many photo blogs, but this one is great. I really appreciate that he highlights so many other photographers too. He has also embraced the digital photography movement.


“Screenwriting and Screenplay reviews” — This one blog is actually effecting the script market in Hollywood. I just like his reviews of scripts. Sometimes he will do a review of a movie where he also reviewed the script and will focus on how well he thought it was made into a movie.

John August

“A ton of useful information about screenwriting from screenwriter John August” — Yea, he is actually a screenwriter. He has also helped create a Markdown variant called Fountain for screenwriters.


Previously head online designer at NY Times, then creator of Mixel, is now blogging again.

Workflow & Geekery

And now it’s all this

Academic/research oriented information gathering workflows. Highly detailed look at research tools.


One of the more wonkish blogs when it comes to workflows and the mac.

Bridging the Nerd Gap

Dude literally wrote the book on evernote.

Shawn Blanc

Covers the techno/mac nerd beat better then most.

I Don’t Know — I just like them


From Tor the Sci-Fi publishers comes their blog which covers way more then books.

Brian S Hall

There always has to be a guy in the room yelling at everyone else telling them how stupid they are. It keeps everyone honest.

Global Guerrillas

Watchdog. Always on the outlook for what cool technology today could be tomorrows privacy intrusion, or even tomorrows weapon.


Dedicated to molecular gastronomy — New food tech: check.


As far as I can tell clusterflock is a loose collective of people brought together through the Internet to tell stories of the Internet. Very hard to describe, but a fountain of win.

The Dan Plan

A random guy testing the 10,000 hours theory with golf. A multi year project and he is keeping a blog through it all.

Brent Simmons — inessential.com

Creator of NetNewsWire writes about many things. RSS and Blogs are just one aspect, but my favorite.