and Feed Readers

I wrote a guest blog post on’s blog today, How could be helpful to next generation RSS readers. The impact of Google Reader has gotten everyone talking about RSS readers. When I started to write the blog post for something occured to me, that wasn’t appropriate for that venue. What I am struck with recently is how short messages systems like have augmented feed reading. Marshall Mcluhan said, “The medium is the message”, and we are seeing the message change because we are changing our medium.

Even though RSS use has waned in recent years, it hasn’t disappeared, instead it has been augmented. I first heard about Google Reader while using Bloglines, but I first heard that Google reader will be closing on These two facts show how the RSS Reader scene has changed since Google Reader became a product. Blogs are no longer the fastest way to get news, but that doesn’t mean they have lost their use it just means we use them differently.

I am excited to see the many discussions on about Google Reader, and RSS. I am also excited about all the ways that can help out in this rush of innovation.