I'm the newest contributor to The Changelog

I am a big fan of The Changelog. There is a folder in my reader dedicated to raw sources just so I can find new open source projects, but it was always nice to read The Changelog because it was curated. When I finished the first version of my brand new open source project, Lark, the first site I thought to contact was The Changelog.

Over the Christmas break I aproached them to see if they would be interested in covering not just Lark but a few other open source projects. That initial contact evolved into a disscussion about covering the open source community in general and eventually we talked about the prospect of having me join. I jumped at the opportunity. After talking with Adam and Jerod about it, and the future of the project I am thoroughly excited to be apart of what they are doing. If you don’t already subscribe to The Changelog you should.

My first contribution went up this morning its about Sandman: Give any SQL database a REST interface with Sandman