All the things: Paper vs Unread

When Paper and Unread launch in the same week its hard for me to not compare the two. The obvious comparison is that they are both news readers1. Its like they both answer the same question with wildly different answers. Paper is all the things to all the people, because Facebook. Where as Unread uses the same things to make something equally spectacular, but for far less people. As much as I wish I could teach everyone in the land to use a reader (because its better), they aren’t going to listen to me.

Secondly, it’s exciting just to watch people invent the ways we are going to interact with our world. Both apps have a great native touch experience. The people who made these two apps understand their medium. Think about what this says about software, innovation, iOS … blah blah, Jared Sinclair is one dude and his apps are as good as Facebooks’. He understands the medium just as well as they do and because of it his apps feels just as innovative.

So here’s what I am going to do. Buy the app for 2.99, pay 30 dollars a year for Feedbin, and another 24 dollars a year to Newsblur because I want these things to exist.

Hopefully as long as enough of us continue to think they are worth our money they will continue to exist. And these lone individuals will continue to listen to the crazy people, the people who read (a lot), because they love the things we love.

  1. reader is a funny word to use to talk about Paper, but thats what it is. [return]