Try Out The Comments Widget

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A week ago (maybe two), we had an hackathon where I showed off an based coments widget. Since then a couple of us have been working an official version of the widget. Its now in a state where I would like to start beta testing it. If you would like to test it out PM me on (@voidfiles). I have also embedded the current version on this page.

The Story of ADNpy: An API Client

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This is the story of ADNpy. A python API client. From the earliest days of the API I wanted to build a client. In the beginning though the approaches were infinite. For as many times as I started an API client, I stopped because I couldn’t figure out how to start. The fact is though, we are an API company and that meant we had to consume it. and Feed Readers

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I wrote a guest blog post on’s blog today, How could be helpful to next generation RSS readers. The impact of Google Reader has gotten everyone talking about RSS readers. When I started to write the blog post for something occured to me, that wasn’t appropriate for that venue. What I am struck with recently is how short messages systems like have augmented feed reading. Marshall Mcluhan said, “The medium is the message”, and we are seeing the message change because we are changing our medium.