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Invisible Inkling | Ryan Sholin on the future of news. And other stuff. Social Memories: an Infographic Book of your Facebook Activity: Your very own Feltron report, if you don’t mind that it’s limited to all the information it can get from your Facebook account. Workshop: Advanced WordPress with NYU’s Studio20: Daniel Bachhuber’s notes from a workshop with Jay Rosen’s students. shaver ┬╗ because no respectable MBA programme would admit me I read (and talk) a lot about various “management topics”.

Some bits: Tools, Pop Software, History, and Hand Writing

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joshua’s blog: blogging tools I haven’t really written anything for this blog in a while. There are a variety of reasons for this, but I’m generally pretty sensitive to my tools, and I haven’t been thrilled with either what I am currently using or what I might use in the future. kickingbear┬╗ Blog Archive ┬╗ Software Sea Change Over the week covering this past Christmas Day a piece of software I had contributed to was downloaded two million times.