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Published An Article On The YUI Blog

I just published an article on the YUI Blog. I have been working at a Yahoo! for almost 3 years now.

I have enjoyed more of my time at Yahoo, then not, and I think that Yahoo has a lot of really cool things going on. I have met some of the smartest developers I have ever worked with inside of Yahoo, and there is a lot of technical brilliance here. Yahoo just needs to figure out how to unleash it upon the world. Fear not, I am working on it.

I am very proud, and excited to represent Yahoo on the YUI Blog, and by the way if you are looking for a job we are hiring.

From the article. Its about offline HTML5 apps.

I could say that HTML5 is building steam, but that time is passed: HTML5 is here. Mobile is already huge, WebKit is growing rapidly, and the number of people who will have an HTML5-capable browser on their phone and/or laptop over the next few years will create a “new normal” in which HTML5 capabilities are the standard.

One of the awesome features in HTML5 is the Application Cache, which gives websites the ability to tell the browser which files to cache and to use the cached files when the browser doesn’t have a network connection. You can use the Application Cache to ensure that a user will be able to access at least part of your app while he is offline. In the case of devices like phones or tablets (or even old-fashioned devices like laptops), this could mean that your users are able to use your app while on an airplane. Meanwhile, you get to continue building your app with web technologies rather than learning Objective-C.