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User Driven Design, Requires Talking To Users

I have made a number of websites, small and large. I would say that wacchen, is my fifth large project “launch”. I take that word “launch” with a grain of salt because this time I have done almost no fanfare. I just started by sharing things on my blog, and twitter.

People have started to show up, about 8 of them so far. That is fine by me, this is actually a great little rollout. Then the other day I realized that because there were so few, I could just ask them straight out, what do you want, what is broken? They have responded, and I got straight answers.

I have always wanted to do user driven design but for some reason asking the users never came to mind. I will probably do more publicity for the site at some point, but right now I feel like I have just enough users to polish something.

I would like to thank some of the people who have really helped me so far.

  • Chris Klarmann - using chrome on linux, not something I do everyday.
  • Jack Mottram - Runs a website about simple sites, and products. My stuff was broken in the beginning on his setup, and he stuck with it till it was fixed. I hope that my site fits the requirement for being on his site.
  • papyromancer - Is just an awesome feedback giver. He has helped give me feedback on my other site, http://staytuned.in, and he is continuing on this one too.