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I just read the most wonderful short story: Mr. Penumbra’s Twenty-Four-Hour Book Store

here is the story

My favorite part besides the book was that I started to read it as if it was a dudes blog post about working in a 24 hour book shop. I thought the whole thing was real.

The story was based in San Francisco too, and I was going to go to the store and check it out. Near the end of the story though something happened that isn’t real, and I realized it was a short story, and not a blog post, although it was written in the style of a longish blog post.

This must be like a newish genre of literature, who knows maybe I am just talking out my ass, i am not a lit guy, but I like to read. The story included bits and pieces from the real world, and not just the whole world, but my world of computers. It was well well written as well.

The kicker is that it had a really great ending, and illustrated a major point about a current debate that is happening in society right now, the trend of books decreasing in numbers.

It was awesome, I suggest you give it a read if you have the time.