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Hacker from both Flickr, and Stamen Design writes about curation.

If you are interested at all in what is happing to curation you should read this well-researched article by Aaron Cope. The article stems from Cope’s time at Stamen Design Group, and Flickr, but it doesn’t stop there. This is a deep article with a lot of links, and references.

What the Internet has done to the field of journalism, it will do to the practice of curation. This is not a claim based on empirical study, but rather, a prediction based on the evolution of “social software”, communities of interest that form and exist principally in on-line networks and a need to find stable ground in a digital world where the means and cost of production and distribution has approached zero.

When I look at the future I see curation tools, and I love finding other smart people who seems to be exploring curation.