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The New Aesthetic of Feeds

The new aesthetic sat in my overflow folder for a while. I probably subscribed to it while working though a best new blog list. It was always curios. The pictures were nice, but like many blogs you figure it out by reading it. When I read the Atlantic piece It finally clicked.

If you don’t know, The new aesthetic is an art movement. It’s tag line would be an exploration of how our digital products effect us. An idea popped into my head while reading the article; I was reading the new aesthetic like people play video games. Reading the New Aesthetic manual never occurred to me. Like a video game, i just started playing, and learned by falling off the cliffs. Clearly something like the new aesthetic was never designed to be used this way, but I did, and I do. I read many blogs from this perspective.

I may not be the only one either. This might be how many people come to blogs. It might also be why many people don’t like blogs, or don’t find blogs worth there time. They might be uncomfortable with the idea of not knowing what’s going on. Or, it could be as simple as not knowing the mechanics. That’s the reason I don’t play video games. I never caught on to the mechanics of games, both physical, and in game. Which prevented me from really enjoying games like my peers.

If any of these things are true about reading blogs it would have big implications about how you write a blog. It all goes back to context I guess.