Introducing Lark a RESTy interface for Redis

Lark is a python library that provides a generic method for transforming a HTTP request into a redis command. If you know what webdis is then you’ll roughly know what this is. It does a couple of things right now:

I have been slowly amping up this project so that it could be my holiday project1, because I have a host of things I want to add quickly. Webdis has authentication right out of the box. Lark is setup for a scope based authentication scheme, but there is no examples of really how to do that. This is the next thing I am going to work on creating an authentication/authorization layer that people can use.

So, if you are interested checkout the github page and fork it. Tell me how crazy I am, tell me where this thing just doesn’t work at all like I say it does.

  1. for more on why holidays are a great time to work on projects checkout Macdrifters post Seasonal Tasks [return]