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How Vox Media Creates News Products

Yesterday we got a look into how new news organization are working in a technical sense1. To my mind its one of the few detailed posts about how places like Vox Media are working to actually innovate. It was written by Pablo Mercado, Vox Media’s VP of Technology. He detailed a little bit about how they pull together all the talent needed for a project and how they coordinate that talent. From writer, editor, designer, to programmer.

New news orgs fascinate me, because they are the perfect collision of technology and domain expertise. In a sense, if we can improve journalism with technology then we can use technology to improve other fields. I’m also not talking about software eating journalism, but working with journalism to make its better, and maybe even pay for it’s self.

I don’t know about you, but I want to read more stories like this. There doesn’t seem to be a great place to find stuff like this. So, if you know any leave a comment.

  1. The Evolution Of News Tech teams ↩︎