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On To My Next Adventure

Taken by a co-worker when App.net was still picplz.

App.net is shutting It’s clearly the context for this post, but it’s not the point. I am leaving App.net to be the VP of Engineering at new company that should have a name shortly.

Durring my time at App.net I constantly operated at the edge of my abilities, and past them sometimes. It was alternatingly painful and exhilirating. I will be processing my stay here for quite awhile, but the main thing I learned from App.net, that one thing I will carry forever is the relentless pursuit of the problem.

The problem shifts over time. It can be a bug in the code base, a support request, or a product decision but to fix it and to fix it right requires a relentles pursuit of the fundamental problem in question. Once you truly know what the problem is you can fix it, and fix so it doesn’t come back.

It’s not something that everyone learns as an engineer or otherwise, but engineers benfit from it greatly.

So, time to start my next adventure.