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A Pile of Links

There must be a large and storied body of literature when it comes to curation, but I am unfortunately not familiar. I might have a chance someday, but for now, what I do have is this article from Frank Chimero “Sorting A Mass” 1.

Up till this point, I had bookmarked anything and everything that came close to piquing my interest. But after this article, I remember bringing more of a critical eye to my reading.

I also like how he describes the main difference between collecting vs curating:

I think the thing that separates the two is intent, not in the size of the pool of stuff or in the presence of an audience, but rather in the implied purpose of the gathering of content. To me, collecting is usually about propagation—the collection grows in quantity and diversity. Curating seems to be about illumination, and having that set of selected items, no matter the size, come to a point.

Collecting is all well and good, but curating is adding value, or letting you get your hands around something.

I think this applies to most good presentations as well, and something I have used to craft my own presentations. You aren’t in a short amount of time going to be able to teach folks a ton, instead you might be able to provide them a handle hold into a larger group of knowledge.

  1. https://frankchimero.com/blog/2011/sorting-a-mass/ ↩︎