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The Three Ways

During the course of my work I find my self rubberbanding between two extremes - universal truth and exacting, excruciating detail at a specific moment in time. Those many not seem like they are on the same continuum, but that’s where todays suggesting reading comes into play: The Three Ways by Gene Kim 1.

I’m a sucker for bit of wisdom that is seemingly inscrutable, but reveals it self to be universal. That’s how I see The Three Ways.

When I am working I am always trying to understand that big picture. What are we trying to do over all.

Then I have to understand in very clear detail whats is going on in my area.

Next, I need to understand how the details contribute to the overall.

Finally, I am always trying to increase the velocity so that the details deliver value to the organization.

In that service I find my self falling back on The Three Ways, often.

  1. https://itrevolution.com/the-three-ways-principles-underpinning-devops/ ↩︎