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Give Thanks for Simple Tools

The infrastructure of my productivity is a set of tools that revolve around plain text files. Try as I might it doesn’t work any other way.

I’ve tried tools with more “stuff” in them. Often when I try and import my modest1 set of files they grind to a halt. So, I go back to my tried and true tools.

I’m thankful they exist and continue to work. It’s a patchwork of folks and tools that keep this stuff running.

Check out their tools. Pay for them if you can. Read their stuff for interesting tips. It’s all worth it.

  • nvALT - Plaintext notes for desktop mac
  • Editorial - Plaintext editor for iOS
  • drafts - The quickest way to capture text on iOS
  • Macstories - Detailed reviews of the apps that make plaintext go
  • Macdrifter - A plaintext champion
  • Dr. Drang - Does a great job of showing how folks other then software engineers can make these tools work for them
  • Craig mod - Writes about fast, simple tools for publishing

  1. ls -a | wc -l is about 1564 ↩︎