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Just The Gimlet Episodes of StartUp

When it comes to creating a start-up there’s prevailing wisdom. There’s even a school you can go to to learn it. But, for every company that does it “right”, there is one that does it their own way. One that is introspective and honest (ish). That other way is epitomized by Gimlet, the podcast company, at least if their podcast is any representation of how they work.

I’ve brought up the podcast a few times with friends and co-workers because it’s entertaining, and it instructive for folks who work in growing businesses.

It’s also a testament to the power of narrative and interview. On more than one occasion they use the podcast about their own company to understand their company. They use interviews and reflection to see how things are working out. Surprisingly, they even change how they operate to better serve their employees and relationships. Because, they are reporting on themselves. It makes me wish we could all have a podcast made us as we work. As long as they were created by world-class radio producers.

There’s a catch though. It’s hard to consume the episodes about Gimlet because they are mixed with episodes about other companies. Those episodes are also great, but the Gimlet episodes by themselves are a special treat.

I’ve recommended it so many times, to so many people, I now need a post to eaisly explain why it’s awesome and how best to listen to all the episodes.

If Spotify is your jam a playlist has already been setup by another fan.

Otherwise here are links to the episodes: