My #jqcon talk

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I gave a talk at the jQuery conference on sunday. I wanted to create one page were all the information about the talk could live. This is that page. Sources: - Phonegap - Backbone.js - HTML5 rocks offline - gMail Mobile application cache - Six Revisions - web development blog - Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript book - Lawnchair - jquery-offline Details: - outline - gist of the talk - Slides - full slides with speaker notes

Goodbye PHP

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Last night it occurred to me, I might never use PHP in a serious manner ever again. It’s bittersweet. No one is a bigger advocate for leaving PHP behind then me, but it was where it all started for me. I had played around with VB in grade school, but desktop programming never got to me like web programming. PHP was ready for me, meaning the metaphorical person who doesn’t know how to program but wants to learn.

A diff is better then a comment

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I know its a running theme, yahoo not so fun, startup good, but I have found something new to talk about. Ways in which Yahoo could have gotten better without loosing people. This is a simple way that I think large companies can keep their edge. A big difference between working at yahoo, and a startup has been the code review process. At Yahoo, it went something like you write code, and it gets reviewed by a peer.