Short Notes on Instant Articles

1 minute read Published:

Instant articles are cool. They look nice, at least the NatGeo one does. This is a much better reading experience then the average article, especially on mobile. It’s a little weird that Facebook effectively owns the “TV” of mobile content. That being said, Facebook just defined the “Instant Articles” market. If people in general like that experience other apps can capitalize on this new market. Some app could unbundle that experience from Facebook.

A Newspaper of Images

1 minute read Published:

While looking at the launch of Paper I was struck by the lack of words. The apps name, presumably an homage, suggests a certain sense of wordiness but instead everything is focused on images. Paper is certainly picking up on trends built by popular apps like Flipboard, and it’s entirely possible that what people want is an even more visual experience, but you loose something when you depend so largely on images.

What Would a Facebook Reader Mean?

4 minute read Published:

Last week multiple signs started to appear that point to the fact that Facebook might be prepping a news reader. While there has been discussion of the possibility few, if any, have tried to figure out what it would mean in general. Admittedly, there are few details, but it’s not that hard to extrapolate from past actions. You need to look at this from a couple different perspectives though. Why does this make sense for Facebook, Publishers, or the consumer?