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How Large Will the Paid Feed Reader Market Be?

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Clearly, the market for feed readers is in transition. With only the mention of Google Reader closing, we’ve seen large user movement. Feedly alone gained more than 3 million new users recently1. In the midst of all this change, more than a few people have said, “This is going to mean good things.” But what does that really mean? Any “good thing” will have to be driven by the makers of feed readers, so I am going to start there.

Brent Simmons Creates RSS Sync Mailing List

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Brent Simmons created a mailing list to talk about any new potential RSS syncing services. “I created a new mailing list for people who want to talk about the technical side of RSS syncing. Ideally there would be a single standard for RSS syncing, and clients could choose among systems. But I don’t insist on that — at least not yet. I think it’s ambitious enough just to get some working sync systems up and running.

Waiting for Chris Wetherell

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Whenever there are big changes to Google Reader Chris Wetherell usually has something insightful to say. In the latest cycle he has done an interview with Om Malik, but he hasn’t written a post yet. It’s not surprising given that he is the creator of Google Reader that he might have something to say. I have always enjoyed his posts in the past. Given that we are about to see a bunch of new feed readers, the reason I am waiting is that his old posts about the birth of Google Reader are always incredibly insightful, even upon re-reading. and Feed Readers

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I wrote a guest blog post on’s blog today, How could be helpful to next generation RSS readers. The impact of Google Reader has gotten everyone talking about RSS readers. When I started to write the blog post for something occured to me, that wasn’t appropriate for that venue. What I am struck with recently is how short messages systems like have augmented feed reading. Marshall Mcluhan said, “The medium is the message”, and we are seeing the message change because we are changing our medium.