Sync Is Key For Feed Readers

3 minute read Published:

Sync could simply be explained as the process of making everything the same in multiple places. In terms of an RSS reader, I think it’s the technical cornerstone of the tool. Information doesn’t care where you are or what device you are on. It is created at breakneck speeds, and you should be able to manage it from anywhere on any device. While this is a clear value proposition, not everyone would agree, but there are other reasons why sync is important.

Brent Simmons Creates RSS Sync Mailing List

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Brent Simmons created a mailing list to talk about any new potential RSS syncing services. “I created a new mailing list for people who want to talk about the technical side of RSS syncing. Ideally there would be a single standard for RSS syncing, and clients could choose among systems. But I don’t insist on that — at least not yet. I think it’s ambitious enough just to get some working sync systems up and running.