My #jqcon talk

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I gave a talk at the jQuery conference on sunday. I wanted to create one page were all the information about the talk could live. This is that page. Sources: - Phonegap - Backbone.js - HTML5 rocks offline - gMail Mobile application cache - Six Revisions - web development blog - Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript book - Lawnchair - jquery-offline Details: - outline - gist of the talk - Slides - full slides with speaker notes

Reading Code

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I recently spent some time getting to know backbone.js. I wanted to apply it to a mobile app I have been working on. While the code is great, I stumbled on an idea while using it. When I fist start using a framework of any kind, django for example, I almost always use there getting started tutorial. You copy, and paste the code from this tutorial, and then poke and prod it until you get some kind of understand of the code.

An answer to a question I am asked occasionally

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Every once in a while I get an email from someone who thinks I know what I am talking about, and they want to know how I got where I did. I am flattered that they want my advice, but I fear that I could never be that helpful. That is usually where I start. I suggest that they should diversify. They should make it a point to read widely, and ask many people for advice.