Google Reader Has Transitioned

So, it happened. Google Reader has forever changed. I am the one that always makes fun of normies when they complain about Facebook changing. I am sure that I can learn to use it even now. So, while I am totally butt hurt about this whole process. I think there are two standout problems that could be fixed quickly.

  1. The design of the story area is sad. I can’t tell where it begins, and ends.

  2. What the fuck happened to shift-s Just hook it up to something, but to turn it off completely is crazy.

What I am afraid of is that this changes are there to slightly throw off the hard core users. So we will leave. Then they can shut down reader quietly in a year, when we have all adopted something else.

There are two competing alternatives to Google Reader right now. Newsblur, and HiveMined. HiveMined has the social, and a commitment to a Google Reader like experience. Newsblur has the new hotness and is open source. I almost wish they would merge, and make a super team.

I publicly offer to help anyone who wants to build a Google Reader Alternative. I can do server stuff, I can do server side programming, I can do front-end.