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A twitter conversation with Dave Winer

I had a short twitter conversation with Dave Winer yesterday about my blog post, RSS needs better PR.

I get where he is going, and I totally think that people have to build things otherwise it’s all just talk, but the I don’t think you can devalue the power of changing the conversation. I still think that if we can change the premise of the conversation around feed reading from being about dead things, to one of media, then we can inspire more people to make cool things.

The Cluetrain Manifesto is an old book, but I think it’s still a good book. It talks about how companies don’t have a unidirectional communications platform any longer, and then the medium is more of a person to person place, a media argument if I ever saw one, and so companies need to be prepared to engage in a conversation with there public. I bring this book up because Dave Winer is a signatory on that book.

I will try, and be more positive. And I have a number of ideas for cool feed based hacks.