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RSS and New Media - comments so far

I have had a fun few days processing the input I have recived about RSS needs better PR. I encourage everyone to keep the feedback coming. I would also like to announce that I am going to open this blog to other authors. If you would like to write a post just let me know. I am sure we can figure out something.

Some great comments so far.

So what is this new medium? It sounds like a conversation to be had. Let’s have it! I couldn’t live without RSS, I get all of my information via RSS, Twitter and FB are just noise to me. Whenever I find something come through my tweet stream I find interesting, it’s not long after that I get it through a feed. I’m with you, I want to see the new breed of “RSS”, and I am willing to have the conversation with anyone about what that may be.
   - Anthony Schultz

That is a good point, what is the new medium. I think it’s a good idea to go a little more indepth into what I mean by a medium, and what this new medium actually is.

Just an idea: bring JSON into the mix. We need JSON-based “feeds” for stuff that’s primarily data (for which I other wise might provide a “download spreadsheet” link). Like it or not “API” is off-putting to non-devs and devs fail to see “feeds” as easy-to-use APIs (which, of course, they are). A JSON-based version of RSS would start getting folks to see the similarities. AND it’d be trival to allow arbitrary JSON in the equvalent of atom:content in the JSON-based feed. Lots of cool apps would result.
   - Peter Keane

I like the idea of weaning our selves off of Atom, and RSS. We do need to realize that if there is an API, there is probably a way to get data out. I suppose this will mean we need better swis army knife tools that can be used by a wide number of people though.