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Feeds on an Internet

I recently wrote about how large the feed reading ecosystem could be. Specifically how large the pad market could be. In that post I wrote about how people say a Google Reader shut down is a good thing because there will be rapid innovation in the space, but few talked about what that innovation could be. I agree, but think that innovation is a matter of iteration and revision and not always a complete break from what came before.

For that reason I am writing a series of posts where in I identity the core competencies of any Google Reader replacement. I don’t think that people should be limited to doing things exactly how Reader did them, but it helps to identify what it did correctly. Also, extracting those features into the patterns they represent, not just the form they held as Reader features, is a good idea

My goal is to illustrate in a broad way that using a feed reading can be advantageous for everyone, even if it requires an investment of time.

Core to this whole series is the idea that power users aren’t in there own little corner. Power users live on a continuum from newbie to power user. Something for us isn’t always neglecting the newbie.

Then I want to talk about other things that probably aren’t core to the RSS feed readers, but I hope illuminate why feed readers are awesome.

Stay tuned.