Blogging as the Long View

I share Gabe Weatherheads sentiment about blogging.

Is this it then? Is this the last gasp of independent blogging as everyone moves to micro transactions of half considered thoughts? Will Tweets eat Wordpress? It sure seems like the indie blogs are thinned down to a small collection of ideas and opinions.

What I miss about blogging is the slow contemplation of a bloggers ideology. Indie bloggers like Kottke and Daring Fireball have been publishing for over a decade on a daily basis. I don’t have any notion that I am getting to know these people on a personal level, but we get a chance to see a personal process in excruciating detail take place over years. Ideas form from notions, groomed into opinions, and in some cases crest over into popular culture. At times, it’s a front row seat to history.

So, here are currently my blogs that give me the long view.


There is a rich ecosystem of art going strong on blogs, and it’s nice to see a visual stream of art that evolves over time. It’s a real time visual reaction to the world at large.

High Scalability

If you build software that has anything to do with the web it’s changing constantly. If you build something that has any kind of scale it can be hard to get quality information. High Scalability has a weekly round up that is incredibly helpful to me, and I am sure for others.

Michael Ruhlman

Ruhlamn has written some of my favorite books on food and cooking, and he writes a great blog. His blog is an extension of his books which are an attempt to illuminate the work of a chef.