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JSON Feed is a new format for syndication that was developed by Brent Simmons and Manton Reece.

This is a great idea. Read the announcment.

Blogging is important to me for many reasons, but mainly it’s important because it provides a constant and fresh stream of thought. It allows me to get perspectives that I wouldn’t be able to get otherwise.

The biggest threat to blogging is that it’s hard to get distribution nowadays. I would hate for any blog that I read regularly to stop publishing because they couldn’t get the audience they deserve.

The problem of distribution isn’t going to be solved by any one thing, but if just one developer stopped working on something because they were put off by parsing so many different XML feeds. Then I think attempting to build something simple is a great idea.

So, checkout JSON Feed, and try and get it working on your blog. You can find mine here https://rumproarious.com/index.json.