RSS, I can't quit you.

On occasion my blog posts receive outside attention, like when a piece get’s featured on a more popular website. For instance I was quoted in an article over at the register last week, and that catapulted my stats for a day. Regardless of what drives traffic to my blog, most readers of my blog seem interested in RSS. That is fine with me, because I like talking about the finer points of RSS just like everyone else. What I think I need to do with that is to try to explore RSS some more, because it’s not all that often I imagine you get more than a couple 100 people reading, and thinking about RSS. To start I would like to make it clear that when I say RSS I mean any feed type, but it does mean a standard of some kind. Also it should probably be a self substantial piece of information. That is a very grey line though. I want to talk about reading feeds. Like the details of my reading system. I would love to know more about how others read too. One thing McLuhan has taught me is that how we use a technology is as important s what information that technologies is delivering. Is not just to be complete, and thorough though. I get a ton of use out of knowing how other people use things. Curation is hugely important to me. I really want to get into that. How does one decide what makes the cut. Are their levels, or multiple circles in which you share information. What tools do you use for curation. What is the most frustrating thing about the current crop of curation tools. I know that many larger curators like Rober Scoble have themselves talked about curst ion tools, so it might be worth while to roundup what they have said. Finding new blogs, I don’t often find new super awesome blogs. I wish too that people would talk about new blog more often. I feel that sometimes in the blog community people ten to keep these things to them selves. What if anything do places like tumblr, and posterous have to do with feeds. Like what happens of they all decide one day to turn off RSS. Mostly I am hoping I can drum up some conversation from the people who read this blog. Unless feed burner is lying to me, there re now over 400 people reading this blog, hopefully many of you read this far, and have something to say.