Introducing Lark a RESTy interface for Redis

1 minute read Published:

Lark is a python library that provides a generic method for transforming a HTTP request into a redis command. If you know what webdis is then you’ll roughly know what this is. It does a couple of things right now: It users REST as a guideline without getting to pedantic. It has built in support for per user key prefixs. It automatically JSON encodes redis values (where appropriate). It has lots of tests (and TravisCI all setup).

The Story of ADNpy: An App.net API Client

6 minute read Published:

This is the story of ADNpy. A python App.net API client. From the earliest days of the App.net API I wanted to build a client. In the beginning though the approaches were infinite. For as many times as I started an API client, I stopped because I couldn’t figure out how to start. The fact is though, we are an API company and that meant we had to consume it.