Curators steal, but that's not the problem.

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Curators have a problem; we steal content. I know we don’t like to put it that way. It’s always nicer to think that we point people in the right place, or we frame content in a new light, but at the end of the day we don’t create anything that could be considered a primary source.While it’s not evil, or harmful it leads us to the biggest problem with curation, and content in general in the coming future: who’s going to create the content.

A quickie about how I use rss

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I saw Alexis Madrigal talking about using RSS on twitter today. He mentioned that he felt twitter was better at surfacing things that he wanted to write about then a RSS reader. I know nothing about how he uses a reader, or what he has in it, but I wondered how he was using his reader. In my opinion, if you setup your reader correctly, it will always be better then twitter.

RSS, I can't quit you.

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On occasion my blog posts receive outside attention, like when a piece get’s featured on a more popular website. For instance I was quoted in an article over at the register last week, and that catapulted my stats for a day. Regardless of what drives traffic to my blog, most readers of my blog seem interested in RSS. That is fine with me, because I like talking about the finer points of RSS just like everyone else.