Video Chat Not Weird Anymore

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I don’t know about you, but video conferencing got real this year. Google Hangouts or Skype it doesn’t matter. Videoconferencing became an extension of the table versus a remote connection. I’ve been using IM, Audio Chat, Video chat since I was a teenager. They have all felt like I was having a distant conversation. Which was still great, because without connections we lack humanity, but they we’re all cold forms of communication.

The Rumproarious eBook

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I have been threatening to do this for a while, and now I have. I created a mini-ebook about the future of feed readers. I used many of the blog posts that I wrote over the last few weeks as the raw material for it, but I tried to craft a solid narrative for the ebook. Check it out: Feeding Our Reading Habits Also available in PDF and for the Kindle.

Feeds on an Internet

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I recently wrote about how large the feed reading ecosystem could be. Specifically how large the pad market could be. In that post I wrote about how people say a Google Reader shut down is a good thing because there will be rapid innovation in the space, but few talked about what that innovation could be. I agree, but think that innovation is a matter of iteration and revision and not always a complete break from what came before.